Hyper-learning At Scale

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LMS Plugin w/ Content

Thought leader principles wrapped with hyper-learning.

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Thought leaders can augment their coaching.

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Hyper-learning Explained

Hyper-learning transfers learning into practice through a reinforced, bite-sized learning experience, in a gamified format, at scale.  The Brain-computer Interface (BCI) guides and validates each learner’s experience.

  • Bite-sized.

    Learning theory reveals that humans learn faster by focusing on one principle at a time.

  • Repetition.

    Reinforcement of learning is required to transfer knowledge into practice.

  • Motivation.

    Learning must solve a problem for a learner to be motivated to engage.

  • Personalization.

    Learners want validation of effort to confirm personal relevance.

  • Games.

    Gamifying adds an addictive feature that drives repeated learning experiences.

  • Money-saver.

    No longer waste training dollars that do not result in behavioral change.

About Hyper-learning

Science-backed Process

Hyper-learning is a science-backed process used in Adaptive Therapy that identifies and changes self-limiting perceptions through self-affirmation over a period of a few weeks, resulting in permanent behavioral change.


High Impact Learning

Stop wasting learning & development dollars on ineffective training.  If you are an LMS or Corporation, reach out to discuss how you can incorporate our proven method to remove the barriers to learning.

License Hyper-learning as a Plugin

We have flexible licensing opportunities to meet the needs of any LMS platform.

Bite-size Content Wrapped with Hyper-learning.

License one topic or a full library.  Either way, you get amazing results as learners re-program their brains for excellence.

Thought Leaders Can Now Reinforce Their Key Principles

Finally a way for thought leaders to reinforce the learning they get paid to produce for clients, at scale.

Latest Blog Posts

Our blog is focused on research that supports CoreEmpower’s hyper-learning.

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The Science of Self-Affirmation

The science says, “Self-affirmation activates brain systems associated with self-related processing and reward and is reinforced by future orientation.” This human mental capability is applied in hyper-learning by affirming a new state of being, reinforced by repetition and thought leader collaboration.

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Social Cognitive and Affective NeuroscienceAfirmations, Brain Training, Lifestyle


Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience

Humans are programmed to autonomously engage their environment both physically, mentally, and emotionally.  The purpose for an automated response is for safety and secondarily for efficiency.  Considering this, let’s look at how programming is affecting women, their lives, roles, and their success. Read More

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A Harvard Psychologist Shows How to Change Those Limiting Beliefs You Still Have About Yourself

We’re all made up of stories. In fact, life is one long narrative and we’re all trying to write the best chapters we can before “The End.” A deep way to start this article, I know, but the fact is we dig a deep hole for ourselves when we misconstrue our own story.

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